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Business Home Cover

Monday December 7, 2015

Every person’s home is their castle, however, every person’s home insurance may not cover everything in one’s domain. If you run a business from home, meaning valuable assets are not secured in the usual Office building, you may need to take out a business insurance policy.

With many businesses run from home, the need for insurance in this area is clear. For a business trading from your home, it is unlikely your home insurance will cover your business in the event of theft, damage or other unfortunate incidents that could leave you at a loss, as the business may not be covered under the terms of your home insurance policy. With your business being outside the limitations of your home insurance policy, to safeguard your essentials it can be prudent to look at insurance for it.

If you are a homeworker, you’ll know the importance of ensuring that everything runs smoothly, and you’re kept in contact. Business Insurance policies do not just cover bricks and mortar, but can also include your business’ equipment including telecommunications devices, computing equipment used for your business including IPads and personal computers. It can even provide cover for tools related to your business, and can be adapted to your business: be it quilt-making to whittling. If it’s a business, look to get it insured; it could well be the most valuable asset in your home!

Business insurance though, can also provide cover for your employees, and even members of the public if there’s an accident and you or your business is held responsible.

If you are just starting your home business, be sure to discuss your requirements with your commercial insurance broker so that together you can determine the right coverage for your home based business.

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